Saturday, 19 September 2020
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Collaborating Projects


The primary aim of ACCENT-Plus is to foster the integration of the atmospheric science community in Europe, continuing a long lasting process that has been initiated in the 90’s by the EUROTRAC I and II projects and later by the ACCENT Network of Excellence. ACCENT-Plus is inviting all research institutions active in atmospheric science to become Associates


Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate - is the current pre-operational atmospheric service of the European GMES programme. MACC provides data records on atmospheric composition for recent years, data for monitoring present conditions and forecasts of the distribution of key constituents for a few days ahead. MACC combines state-of-the-art atmospheric modelling with Earth observation data to provide information services covering European Air Quality, Global Atmospheric Composition, Climate, and UV and Solar Energy.

For up-to-date information on the Zeppelin activities click here

PEGASOS project funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7-ENV-2010-265148)